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12/17/2015 – North Country Rambler

2/24/16 – Steena Anderson

Product: Sugar Scrubs
“I love this product. It feels wonderful on the skin and smells great.
I will definitely buy more!”

Rating: 5 out of 5

03/10/16 – Julie Kerico

Product: Sugar Scrubs
“I began using the scrubs about 2 months ago. I have several
Cafe Au Lair (sun spots) on my body. I had one which I had concern
about, it was changing in size and texture. I used many other products
and none seems to have helped. I applied the scrub nightly for about 3
weeks and the spot is almost entirely gone now.”

07/01/16 – Daily News

7/25/2016- Organic Hudson Valley Magazine

09/01/16 – The Epoch Times

09/27/16 – Taking a Bite Out of Brooklyn- Blog

1/6/17- Times Union

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